Quality Since 1965


Our Mission:

Our Mission at Wayside Fences is to provide our customers with
Friendly, Expert Service while providing the highest level of        
professionalism to quickly and efficiently build, install or repair  
your fence project.  Through experience and quality you will       
be satisfied with the end product for many years to come.           

What is the Wayside Difference?

The Wayside Difference starts and ends with our quality.                     
Compared to our competitors we only use Premium Cedar                   
for our wooden fence products.  Cedar is naturally rot resistant          
and deters insects.  We spend the extra time drying our cedar            
before assembling them into the panels.  This allows for a tighter      
fit and will not show a large gap like the spruce sections which are  
mass produced in factories.  Since our panels are not assembled      
before an order is placed, we can customize any design without       
the high price increase some factories may charge.   Outside of       
wooden fences all of our metal gates, dog kennel panels are also    
made in our shop as to allow any custom design to be built as cost 
effective as possible.   You will always receive friendly service       
when you come through our doors and if you are looking for an        
estimate for your fence project we can come do a free estimate to  
give you an accurate price on the project you are looking for.           
Through our experience with what works Vs. What does not work    
we can assure that you are going to get only the best product the    
first time.  With nearly 50 years in the business we can answer         
almost any question you might have or you can rest assured we       
will find the answer for you!                                                                  

                                                                                                           "Our Family Working For You"
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